Simply the Worst

Regisseur: Franz Müller & Johannes Kürschner
Jaar: 2015
Speeltijd: 20 Minutes

Günther and Hindrich are totally brassed off by the worst winter in years. They want to go skiing in real mountains, like the dangerous but epic gorge of Lomnica in the Tatra Mountains. But en route to the High Tatras they have to overcome various obstacles, and then they also suffer some really bad luck. Follow the guys on a breathtaking adventure which overshadows even the adventures of Frodo and his companions. Sick!

Franz Müller and Johannes Kürschner studied media technology together. Their first projects, which they made during their studies, already attracted a lot of attention on the Internet and at several film festivals. ‘SIMPLYclever’, a kind of parody of Ostalgie (nostalgia for life in East Germany), full of dry humour and freestyle skiing, won the ‘herzblut.award’ of the Backup Festival in Weimar. After attaining their bachelor’s degrees they began work on ‘Simply the Worst’, in which the main characters Günther and Hindrich from SIMPLYclever make a reappearance, along with bizarre dialogue. ‘Koofst de billisch – koofst de zwee ma’ (‘Get them cheap – get them twice’), say Franz and Johannes. The duo are now doing their master’s in Weimar.

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