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Regisseur: Claudio Rossoni
Jaar: 2015
Speeltijd: 31 minuten
Taal: Italiaans
Ondertiteling taal: Engels

Christmas 1997. Annapurna, one of Himalaya’s most dangerous summits, an avalanche sweeps down on three alpinists. Two of them disappear for ever. The third is injured, bleeding, at death’s door. In spite of all this he finds the strength to stand back up. For miles and hours he walks across eternal snow. At base camp a helicopter will save his life.

In 2009 Simone Moro holds a press conference. Twelve years have gone by since the tragedy on Annapurna- and since then Simone has never lost the will to tackle other challenges, to persevere even when everything seems to go against him. He has taken on the world’s highest peaks, and is part of mountaineering history, he has earned the respect of his childhood hero, Reinhold Messner. Dreams have no age, and Simone surprises everyone with his new project: to bring helicopter rescue to Nepal.

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