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Angel Esteban & Elena Goatelli

Even before he was born, Tom had stood at the summit of the Eiger. For him, it is natural that his life is all about climbing. But what he does is still special, such as climbing the six classic Alpine summits solo in the winter season.

Bhagyale Bachekaharu – Nepal Earthquake: Heroes, Survivors and Miracles

Ganesh Panday

The dividing line between nature’s beauty and nature’s destructive violence can be unexpectedly thin. On 25 April 2015 Nepal, the land of the Himalayas and Mount Everest, was struck by a devastating earthquake (strength 7.8). This moving documentary by Ganesh Panday tells the story of seven survivors and their rescuers.

Acrophobia – I’m afraid of Heights

Philippe Woodt

Suppose that you’re a BASE jumper, and afraid of heights! In a few long minutes this short film shows why, time and again, the intense sensations of a BASE jump outweigh all feelings of fear. ‘You either do it or you don’t, there’s nothing in between’, says the director Philippe Woodt.

Streif – One Hell of a Ride

Gerald Salmina

This action film – full of snow, passion and testosterone – about the 75th edition of the Hahnenkamm downhill race in Kitzbühel gives you wings! A year of preparation is compressed into one-and-a-half hours, generating tension, drama and above all plenty of spectacular action.

The Race of my Life (skateboarder vs. paraglider)

Benjamin Jordan

If you are a fan of adrenaline, skateboarding or downhill racing, then this is a film for you. In this short film, champion downhill skateboarder Patrick Switzer challenges paraglider Benjamin Jordan to a duel. Who will be the victor?

Das Goldene Licht / The Golden Light

Catalina Jordan Alvarez

This experimental feminist film by Catalina Jordan Alvarez mixes fantasy, performance and theatre against the imposing backdrop of the Swiss Alps. A granddaughter is visiting her grandmother in the Alps. In the morning, Gran has disappeared and Anna goes in search of her.

Snowglobe: Ascend to the source

Laure Muller-Fuega

‘Snowglobe’ is a fairy-tale journey through mountain water. A little boy plays with a snow globe by a mountain lake. When the snow globe falls into the water, it is caught by a freediver who swims back with it to the source of the water. Laure Muller-Fuega hopes that her short film will draw attention to sustainable water use.

Across the Ice – The Greenland Victory March

Sebastian Copeland

In 2010, Sebastian Copeland and Eric McNair-Landry crossed the Greenland ice sheet. During this journey of 2,300 kilometres they had to shelter from a huge storm in their little tent for over a week, and they set a new world record by travelling 595 kilometres on kite-pulled skis within 24 hours.

Winterslaap in Lukomir / Hibernation in Lukomir

Niels van Koevorden

Do you love it when it snows?! The Bosnian mountain village of Lukomir is so remote that every winter the snow cuts it off from the outside world for months. A Dutch film crew allowed themselves to be snowed in as well so that they could follow and record the rhythm of the remaining inhabitants, to see how they survive the winter, and each other.


Martin de Coudenhove e.a.

This brilliant animation is quite simply a must-see. It has won various awards for best film, animation and music. If there were a prize for black humour, it would have that one on the shelf, too. And all this for a short story about two climbers who, at the start of the 20th century, carry a statue of the Virgin Mary to the top of a mountain…

The Mountain Funeral

Jonathan Johnson

In this short film, the American artist Jonathan Johnson combines images of Iceland’s mountain landscape with the story of an old man who, as a boy, attended an unusual funeral in the Appalachians.


Jon Herranz

In July 2014, Edu Marin took up one of the biggest challenges of his life: together with his 62-year-old father Francisco ‘Novato’ Marin he aimed to climb the ‘Panorama’, the legendary route opened up by Alex Huber in 2007. Director Jon Herranz made an award-winning documentary about this impressive sporting achievement.

K2 and the Invisible Footmen

Iara Lee

Peace activist and film-maker Iara Lee puts her focus on the people who make climbing the highest mountains possible: Pakistani bearers and Nepalese Sherpas. Amidst breathtaking images, she depicts the daily sacrifices of the bearers and the courage of native climbers who return to K2 despite previous tragic experiences.

Into the Mountain

Chuang Shiang-An

In this short by the Taiwanese film student Chuang Shiang-An, the protagonist A-Hui struggles to come to terms with the death of his wife. He decides to end his life on the mountain where his wife died in a bus accident. However, encounters with a schoolgirl and a native hunter make him reconsider his plan.

The Forgotten Hero – Sjef van Dongen

Frans Mouws

In this documentary, film-maker Frans Mouws sets out to rescue the forgotten polar explorer and hero Sjef van Dongen from obscurity. In 1928, Sjef van Dongen was involved in an international mission to rescue the polar expedition of the Italian general Nobile, who had crashed with his airship on the Arctic ice.

First Ascent – Kunyang Chhish East

Matteo Vittorel

A short story by director Matteo Vettorel about chopped fingers, friendship and joy at the first successful ascent of Kunyang Chhish East in Pakistan. Hansjörg Auer, Matthias Auer and Simon Anthamatten climbed in original alpine style and reached the steep, inaccessible summit on 18 July 2013.

K2 – Touching the Sky

Eliza Kubarska

Do you understand the call of the mountains? What will you give for an ascent? Interspersed with archive images and interviews with survivors, a group of travellers make their way to K2 base camp. The place where their father or mother once set off from, never to return. Could you do that?


Samuel Gyger

Klimmer Ueli Steck en zijn rechterhand Daniel Mader willen in de zomer van 2015 alle Alpentoppen boven de 4.000m. beklimmen. Dat zijn 82 toppen in Zwitserland, Italië en Frankrijk. Die reis van 1.000km. willen ze bovendien op spierkracht volbrengen. Samuel Gyger maakte van dit ambitieuze project een documentaire berg-roadmovie.

Cycle me home – Transsylvania

Levente Klára en Máté Pálla

Deze fietsfilm moet je gezien hebben, ook al ben je geen fietser. Het Cycle me home-team fietste en filmde enkele weken in de bergen en bossen van Transsylvanië. Het levert een boeiend portret op van deze regio die veel mensen van naam kennen, maar nog nooit gezien hebben.

The Quest for Inspiration

Mattieu Le Lay

This documentary by the French film-maker Mathieu Le Lay and the photographer Alexandre Deschaumes was awarded a special prize at the Poprad film festival for ‘immortalizing the indescribable beauty of nature’. Both men seek a personal, magical depiction of nature, and their quest has resulted in this wonderful film.

Simply the Worst

Franz Müller & Johannes Kürschner

Günther and Hindrich are totally brassed off by the worst winter in years. They want to go skiing in real mountains, like the dangerous but epic gorge of Lomnica in the Tatra Mountains. Media students Frans Müller and Johannes Kürschner have made a hilarious short film about Günther’s and Hindrich’s adventurous quest.

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